Featured NL Artists - June Edition

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June Featured Artist : Philip Goodridge - Actor/Musician
Embracing the Power of Emotion

Over the last 20 years, Philip Goodridge has been showcasing his skills onstage and in the studio. With his musicality and ability to bring life to any character he chooses to embrace, Philip is leaving his mark on the city he calls home. With his artistic versatility and creativity, he can engage his audience to connect with emotion on multiple levels of thought. 

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June Featured Artist : Nathan Tobin - Photographer
Adventurous Ambitions
For Nathan Tobin, photography is not just a hobby; it’s about adventure. Like most twenty-one-year-old artists Nathan is finding himself through the art of expression and using his surroundings to explore his path. Photography may only be his hobby today but the freedom it provides in any given moment can push his imagination to the limits.
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June Featured Artist : Jenny Mallard - Singer/Songwriter
Optimism over fear

Before she uttered her first words, Jenny Mallard’s infatuation for music has been a guiding presence shining down a path where purpose and passion can intersect. “I started singing pretty well before I could speak, and I started playing guitar in kindergarten,” Jenny says. “I’ve always loved performing and bringing smiles to peoples’ faces through entertainment.” 
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June Featured Artist : Sydney Rice - Baker
Unexpected Ingredients
Since the age of two Sydney Rice (a.k.a The Little Island Baker) has been curiously dipping her fingers in the family cookie jar and now finds her hands wrapped around a business she never knew existed. Although she has been interested in baking since a young age, it has only been the last five years she has been creating her recipes. 
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